Growth Outpatient Mental Health Services (GOMHS) offers easy access to psychiatric care through telehealth communication and appointments. Our goal is to determine the most effective, individualized, and evidence-based plan of care to help improve and stabilize overall mental health while providing prompt outpatient psychiatric treatment and unconventional therapies.

At GOMHS, we strive to minimize and prevent the development of mental health complications and symptoms, including those related to anxiety, stress, depression, and mood disorders, which can impede one’s quality of life. Our medical interventions have also been successful in providing  eating disorder treatment, trauma treatment, and self-esteem treatment to adults, from all walks of life. Specializing in anxiety and depression, GOMHS has successfully treated mental health issues such as ADHD and bipolar disorder within the  adult population. Our Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), and Psychodynamic therapies and precise medication management techniques ensure overall stability.

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A comprehensive range of no-delay therapy services (virtual and in-person) to treat psychiatric illnesses and improve mental health.


Talk therapy can assist in overcoming fears, gaining a better understanding of
your emotions


Medication treatment and management to administer prescribed psychiatric medication and evaluate its effectiveness for planned, therapeutic outcomes.



Our mission at Growth Outpatient Mental Health Services is to provide effective outpatient psychiatric care via telehealth communication to treat patients struggling with different mental health disorders such as anxiety, depression, ADD/ ADHD, PTSD, and bipolar disorders amongst other psychiatric conditions.

Patients will have individualized, evidenced-based, and effective plan of care consisting of a one-hour initial psychiatric evaluation, and then 30-minute follow-up appointments. NO MORE DELAYS! Call us today to schedule your telehealth appointment.

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Telehealth communication is delivered online, or remotely, by a board certified psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, over a secure audio or video link. Patients can connect with their provider, in the same manner they do in-person, only from the convenience of their own home or any place they choose to, with network reception.

GOMHS was established with the ultimate goal to ensure reliable telehealth communication to expedite treatment for mental illness – helping patients save their time, money, and emergency and urgent care visits.

Empowering Your Mental Health Strategies and Techniques

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The Growing Importance of Outpatient Mental Health Services

Mental Health Services

These services are designed to help individuals manage their mental health symptoms, improve their quality of life, and achieve their goals.